The Begining…

After finding this site routerBot, and a few other sites (to be posted as needed in the project). I decided that it would be a good device to allow me to connect to a micro controller and operate the hydraulics in my Ironhorse project, wirelessly…

It also helped that I had an old WAP54G V3 to play with

The routerBot code was designed for a WRT54G but I believe it can be made to work with the WAP54G, they have the same processor but the WAP54G has less memory to work with (considering it is just an Access Point and not an actual router…)

My goal is to have a device that is mounted in the truck semi-permanently, that my iPhone can connect to. The device have a built in web GUI so any time I connect with it with any device I can get the same interface to control the micro controller.

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