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HDD Gauge test

Monday, March 17th, 2008

A test of the HDD analog gauge:

I modified this gauge which I discovered was not working (big surprise) after I bought it on ebay. I got it working by stripping out all of the 60 year old components (yes it’s that old…), and just configuring the needle driver as a basic motor. It’s not good for anything else but a HDD indicator but considering it was non-functional to begin with, I think I did a good job.
WWII era Radio Frequency Gauge Original gauge…

HDD Gauge test

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I also added an LED for the power indicator (in the middle of the device). I may take that out and add some electro-luminescent wire around the inner edge of the rim for better lighting.

I don’t know what the white square on the side is, but I think its glare from the light over head.