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Software fix part two…

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

With a few updates from Ubuntu, the samba server now works! I was trying my best to figure out what was going on with the server and why it would never start up until after login (basically having to do it manually). Now that it all works, the tablet can be placed in the kitchen next to the printer and left there, so no one else has to connect to it and then disconnect, move the printer, then move it back… This little box will be able to sit next to it, and quietly do all the work.

compter on stand

compter on stand

Software fix… Part One

Friday, December 11th, 2009

I have finaly figured out why I have been having problems with the OS locking up. It was the driver for the touch screen it was using a generic driver that was made by linux users. The driver that originaly came with the touch screen would never install so I just threw it away because I figured the linux community version would be better any way.

In order for the driver to install it needed to modify a file called xorg.conf. However in Ubuntu (and other newer distrobutions of linux), xorg has grown sophisticated enough to auto detect the settings provided by xorg.conf, so they removed it by default…

xorg is setup to use xorg.conf if it is present, so all I had to do was generate one (which can be done in GRUB), and then the touch screen driver can install!

Next I need to find a way to get samba to start automatically.


Monday, December 7th, 2009

To recap what I briefly touched on in the description of the project.

OS: Ubuntu 9.10

  • Samba print and file share
  • Gourmet recipe database

This works most of the time however there is a problem with the OS locking up (but the lock up does not effect Deamon services like samba fortunately), I believe it has to do with the latest version of the intel graphics drivers, I am going to try to revert them to an older version

Smoothing out

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

All the components now fit inside the tablet! The green stuff is actually called “Green Stuff,” it is made for modelers joint plastic or metal pieces together. It is very sticky when activated and very strong. Despite appearances, the case on the tablet can come apart. I used parts from the original keyboard mount to hold the top portion in place, so the tablet can in fact be unscrewed and opened like the original.

I had to remove the camera (it wasn’t going to be used any way), and I need to seal up the whole on the side, but it works, touch screen and all! Next up software…

The Progress

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

I decided to add a touch screen to in hopes of simplifying the interface for general use for any one. I am still debating on weather or not to use an existing linux app like Gourmet Recipe Manager, or to make a small flash app that will fit my tastes (visually), I’m sure mine won’t be as robust as a full app but it will do what I want…

It took a while but I have photos of the process from netbook to tablet.

I am doing more fitting for the touch screen, making sure every thing fits and I can close the lid when complete.

New Computer

Friday, August 21st, 2009

I bought this netbook (an HP mini 1000) for experimentation and work, the work was to test web applications and sites on low end machines. Now that I am done with the work I am now starting the fun, I mean experiment!

I decided to use it as a small home print server (my printer only has a USB connection), and have my other machines share the printer connected to this netbook over my network

Sense the location of the printer is in the kitchen (a combination of limited space and location to desk…), I figure that I can also have the netbook double as a cook book.